Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My First Love: "Pancakes"

In my earlier posts I mentioned how pancakes were the very first food that made me want to dig deeper to find out how to make them.  I have made pancakes probably hundreds of times in my life, sometimes using a box mix, and sometimes from scratch.  Recently I have been trying to really fine tune my pancake recipe, and my results have not really matched my vision. Usually trial and error have been my process in creating and tweaking recipes, but that really wasn't working. So I did some research on how baking powder and baking soda interact with certain liquids, and what liquids work best to achieve the best consistency.  Yesterday evening I told my wife that we were going to have pancakes for dinner, so I had my wife get the list of ingredients I needed, and this evening I went into the kitchen on mission to make the perfect pancake.

After putting together my batter I made my first 2 test pancakes, and they came out PERFECT!  They were light, fluffy, and delicious.  My taste testers (My Wife and two little ones) agreed that these pancakes were great.  I made 2 more pancakes for myself, and I have to say they were quite good.  I have to admit I was pretty happy.

I have made dishes with a much higher degree of difficulty, but to nail down the dish that made me want to become a chef is such a gratifying feeling.  Now that I have my base recipe, it is time to build upon it.  I made lemon ricotta pancakes with brown sugar & cayenne pepper bacon.  It was absolutely delicious.  Pictures are below.


  1. I was only able to have two bites...but they were yummy!!!

  2. Of course all of us have grown up enjoying pancakes.But i must admit Troys dish is hands down THE BEST!!

  3. Thanks Larry, appreciate it!