Monday, June 27, 2011

The Chocolate Biscuit

I am always trying to figure out new and creative twists on classic favorites.  This evening my kids were clamoring for something sweet, and I started searching through the cabinets and the refrigerator for ingredients that I could use in a dessert.   After rummaging through the kitchen and finding a bunch of different things, the first idea that came to mind was a cinnamon sugar biscuit with sliced strawberries, but then I  realized I had semi-sweet chocolate handy, and it finally hit me, chocolate biscuits!  So I modified my normal buttermilk biscuit recipe and added melted semi-sweet chocolate.  I topped it with sweetened whipped cream and a little powder sugar.  They were off the hook!  I am huge believer that people should be creative in the kitchen, and try things that you haven't seen or prepared before.  Below are pictures.

I am shooting some new videos soon and will post the biscuit recipe then.  My focus on the next few videos will delve into new and creative breakfast/brunch dishes.

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